Open Heavens, Open Heavens Today, Open Heavens Daily, RCCG Open Heavens, RCCG Open Heaven, Open Heaven Daily is an unofficial blog and not affiliated with RCCG Open Heavens devotional. This Open Heavens devotional blog is mainly concerned with the dissemination of contents to the Christians who are in love with the book published by RCCG overseer in the name of Pastor EA Adeboye.


The Open Heavens Daily Devotion book also has an app called the Open Heavens Mobile App previously launched by However, since 2018, Open Heavens App subscription can no longer be made from that Open Heavens website.

Bad reviews

There are a number of unofficial Open Heavens apps on google Playstore, but they are filled with bad reviews, as a number of users are angry over the poor design, heavy data usage and ads littered in the various Open Heavens apps they can find.



However, the younger generations can still download the Open Heavens 2018 devotional via Google Playstore here. However, it is imperative to know that they actually need Open Heaven activation key to activate the app. Without that activation key, they cannot access the app though.

The activation pin for open heavens 2018 can be paid for via QuickTeller.

Also those whose device operate on IOS e.g Iphones can pay their activation pin for Open Heavens 2018 via We are not quite sure if that method of payment is quite outdated but you can still email for the latest update if you’re a little skeptical.

Not everyone prefers reading the Open Heavens devotional via digital means. Hence, there is another option to buy the hard copy at the church or you can head on to Amazon to place your order for the 2018 Open Heavens devotion published by the RCCG.

For those who are not financially buoyant, or don’t have the wherewithal to purchase these RCCG Open Heavens materials, they can stick to this site on daily basis. We are promising to keep the site updated quite often than before.

Our search results reveals that a number of people are search for Open Heaven 2018 download pdf on various search engines, but we can assure you that there is no pdf available for such users on the internet. It is high time you know that.

On the 8th of January 2018, a memo went viral about the illegal circulation of of the Open Heavens devotional. however, there has not been an official statement. It caused an uproar amongst Nigerian online users, and trust the bitter enemy Daddy Freeze to react vehemently:

We choose not to dwell on Daddy Freeze and his rants here since that would be an added attention to the man.


Benefits of reading Open Heaven Today

  1. Draw us nearer to God.
  2. Makes you know more about the scriptures.
  3. The Open Heavens devotional can be used during personal/family quiet time.
  4. Gives more insight about Daddy G.O
  5. The Open Heavens Daily devotional can be used as a therapeutic book.
  6. Gives hope to the hopeless.
  7. Open Heavens 2018 devotional makes the feeble-minded strong.
  8. Following the devotional judiciously makes us have a particular time for God
  9. Helps build your spiritual life
  10. Wonders, miracles, and signs are received through the Open Heaven Devotional

Who is meant to read Open Heavens Daily Devotional 2018

It is for all denominations.

Will I pay for the Open Heavens devotional on this site?


Can I drop my prayer points on this site?

Yes. You can do that in the comments section.

You Can read the Open Heavens devotion by scrolling to recent posts.